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Staying fit maintaining your body shape is important for your healthy lifestyle. Mostly, people don't give much time in doing workout exercises and giving attention to their fitness equipment. The dedicated ones are only a few. Discipline and time management is the key in doing your full body workout. But if you can't dedicate much of your time for this, you can do only a few which also promises to maintain that muscle tone you desire for your body. 

Sit-ups, curl-ups and push-ups, are common. You can do these anytime most especially if you are stuck and quite busy in your home. You'll need a few of your fitness equipments if you have a collection of them. If not, there are alternatives actually which are ready to accommodate your basic work-out.

Home Workout

Home Workouts

Tip 1: Using Your Chair. Instead of lying around all day and watching tv in your living room, why don't you make basic sit ups using your chair? You can grab a mat to cushion your fall. But a clean and smooth floor carpet will do in case you don't have an available one at home. Hook your toes and feet at the bottom of your heavy sofa and lay down the floor carpet. Then do your regular sit-up routine. Repeat this as miuch as you want to replace those belly fats with abs.

Tip 2:Bed Exercise. Now if you've just woken up from a good night's sleep,why don't you try doing another sit-up workout? Simply lay down on the mattress and place your arms sideways. Lift your legs and keep those enclosed altogether. Slowly raise them up in a straight pointing position for 2-3 inches above from your bed. Suspend them for 1-2 minutes then slowly drop them down. This helps your thighs relax in successive completion.

Tip 3: Scissor Cuts. For power, strength and conditioning of your calves and thighs, you can do scissor cuts.This still involves your bed at home. Instead of doing leg lift ups, you can do a little variation by crossing them upwards as you lift your feet  inches away from the bed. Do this as much as you can.

Tip 4: Sit-ups For Abs. You will need to invest on a huge and inflated ball for this kind of home workout. Simply position your back on the midst of the ball and lay down. Your hands must be placed behind your head to perform the sit-up method. This is good if you want to enhance your abs. Then,your feet should form a 90 degree angle. As you do the method, you should keep your lower back implanted on the ball. Pause for several seconds if you feel like your body's dropping off from the ball then resume again once you've settled on it.

Tip 5: Tricep Dips. Again you will need your sofa in this kind of home workout. Tricep dips may applicable to people who prefer extremities with their exercise. What you need to do is place your hands at the edge of the seat with your feet 90 degrees away from it. Then, bend your elbows and lower your butt straight down to hover right above the ground. Lift your back again and repeat the entire workout.

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