Common Gym Equipment for Beginners

The hardest part of working out is usually a person's first encounter with gym equipment. Since you have no idea of your capacity when using a certain type of gym equipment, you are hesitant to use them. One good way to acclimate yourself to working out is by being knowledgeable about the most common gym equipment. Forcing the issue-- by using a gym equipment that you do not know how to use--may lead to injury.  You need to start with the basics first. It is no question that exercise elevates the heart rate, eliminates fat and builds muscle. But you have start somewhere because you can not utilize heavy gym equipment immediately.

Gym Equipment

It takes time to get comfortable when using gym equipment. Everyone needs time to get adjusted to the conditioning and rigorous workout. As a beginner, the most viable option is to first get hold of the gym equipment that is easy to use. They are known as free weights. They are called as such because they do not have any cable, pulley or pin attached to them. Here are the most common gym equipment for beginners:


This equipment is the first one that people use because it's the lightest. It is also the most convenient of all free weights. The main benefit of dumbbells is it works out your main muscles. The exercise is done when the person has a dumbbell in each hand. The range of the dumbbell's weight is usually from 5 lbs to 100 lbs. This equipment is useful when you're working out for the first time. This can help you transition to your routine much faster.


This one is a bigger and much heavier version of the dumbbell. Because of its size, the barbell is not used by pair, unlike the dumbbell. Barbells are useful if you do squats and deadlifts. The iron bar is about 4 to 7 feet long and weight plates are then placed and fastened at each end. Its weight can range from 45 lbs to 800 lbs. The weight plates in this apparatus can be changed, depending on how heavy you want to lift. 


This can be found in most, if not all, gyms. It can either be flat, incline or decline. Some of them can also be adjusted. There are different kinds of benches that are used to target a specific muscle group. Here are some of them:
  • Hyper Extension Bench – This is used so that muscles such as the glute, hamstring and lower back are developed.
  • Preacher Bench -  It is designed to strengthen both the biceps and triceps. It is equipped with barbells. It can be adjusted.
  • Abdominal Bench – Most individuals want to have a flat tummy and the Abdominal Bench can give them just that. It is a decline bench that is used to work out the core area. 
Dipping Bars

This type of equipment targets and develops the upper body. You can build strength in areas such as the arm, shoulder, and back muscles immediately. With this equipment you can develop strength so that you can easily do pull ups if you have a difficult time doing it manually. 


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